May 20th, 2016

Xiaomi is readying an announcement of their first drone. Xiaomi — who has shown a great deal of diversity over the years — is planning to reveal it May 25th.

xiaomi drone

You’d expect Xiaomi to hit the market with something cheap as the company emphasizes affordability above all else, but their drone could be a vastly different story. Rumors say that the thing will record up to 4K HD video, and while there aren’t many other details known about it, we’re sure there will be a few other quality features in tow.

As such, Xiaomi is going to be releasing one of their most expensive devices yet, with rumors suggesting it’ll launch in the $600 range. That’s about middle of the road for consumer-focused drones, so we aren’t expecting the world. But it’s still a pretty big price tag for a Xiaomi device so we’re interested to see what kind of tricks they’re looking to wow us with once the announcement is made.

[via Fonearena]

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