Samsung Galaxy S7 Active render appears without AT&T branding


We have another Samsung Galaxy S7 Active leak today after seeing perhaps the ugliest model yet. This one — wrapped in the same forestry green and blue digital camo pattern we saw in real-world leaks — is much more… inviting, we’ll say. It looks great!


But we’re not going to focus on color this time around. Instead, we notice there’s no AT&T logo on this particular model after every previous leak had one.

Generic press render for use in promotional materials or web imagery? Or is this a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active bound for Sprint or international waters?

We can’t say. We’re hoping more than just AT&T customers will be able to enjoy this device — and evidence is pointing to that possibility — but we don’t want to make too many assumptions so as to not get our hopes up.

[via GalaxyClub]

Quentyn Kennemer
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