May 13th, 2016

Facebook Marketplace is a neat little feature which acts somewhat like Craiglist. You post stuff to sell or stuff you’re looking to buy, and two users can hook up to make the transaction. Many people prefer it over Craigslist due to the lack of anonymity, something that cuts down on spam and shadiness.

The service has been active as far back as 2007, but Facebook never got around to building access to it in their app. That seems to be changing, though, as users are starting to see a new Marketplace tab in the Facebook app.

The functionality seems pretty straight forward. An explore tab lets you browse the array of goods being offered, and you can filter your results by entering a search term or changing filters like price, category, and location.

Moving over to the selling tab brings up an interface that asks you what you’re selling, as well as a photo of that item. A buying time is similar, only it’s to post that you’re looking to buy a specific item.

Easy, simple, and clean. Unfortunately, it seems Facebook is doing some A/B testing on this feature as not everyone is seeing it. It’s likely to be a server-side change that not everyone will see even if they’re on the latest version of the app. Let us know if you’re seeing it in yours.

[via Reddit]

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