The Samsung Galaxy X will have a foldable 4K display and launch in 2017



Last week, we wrote about a rumor that claimed Samsung will release a foldable phone in 2017. This is a rumor that goes all the way back to 2014. Nothing has ever come from the rumors, but now it’s looking like the foldable phone is picking up steam again.

The latest rumor comes out of China. According to the sources, Samsung will release five flagships in 2017. Four of them are pretty predictable: Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, Galaxy Note 7, and Note 7 Edge. The fifth device is being called “Galaxy X,” and it will feature a foldable 4K display. The display will have diamond PenTile subpixel arrangement and fold in half like a wallet. That’s all we know so far about the Galaxy X.


If Samsung does indeed launch a foldable phone (a pretty big “if” right now), would you be interested? There have been many attempts at merging phones and tablets. None have really worked out. A foldable phone could be the first concept that actually works.

[via Sammobile.com]

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