7 Weird Android games worth playing


If you’re lacking a bit of strange, wacky or weird in your Android-gaming life, perhaps we can help with a look at a handful of games that refuse to conform to the regular rules of normalcy. In the following article, we present, for your bewilderment, seven extremely weird yet worthwhile games Android owners shouldn’t miss out on.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Originating as a project entered into a game jam competition and later developed into a full game funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Ultimate Chicken Horse is a quirky multiplayer platformer where players race across levels as either chicken, horse, racoon or sheep… or chameleon, robot rabbit or squirrel.

Now available to download on SHIELD Android TV and SHIELD Tablet, the game tasks players with reaching the end of the level before their opponents. The twist here is that during the game players actually build levels themselves as they race while sabotaging each other by placing a variety of objects, traps and hazards in their way. It all makes for a hilariously entertaining experience unlike other competitive multiplayer games out there.

You can download Ultimate Chicken Horse here.

Tofu Hunter

At last, someone has seen fit to expose the brutal vegan sport that is tofu hunting. It achieves both its aims of taking a satirical swipe at non-carnivores and adding a comedy element to otherwise dry games like Deer Hunter. On each level you will see different types of tofu animals gambolling around the forest and you have to shoot the required quota. Hunting is simple but not always easy. You move a reticule around the screen, double tap to use your scope, fine aim and then shoot. You have to hit the targets several times to achieve a kill and they run about when first hit so things can get a little tricky. The better you perform, the more money you earn and the better the weapons you can afford. It’s very silly, and that’s to its benefit.

You can download Tofu Hunter here.

Fist Puncher

We love Fist Puncher both for the fact that it takes us back to the old days of 8-bit scrolling beat-‘em-ups and that it’s as daft as a box of frogs. For a start, the premise is to rescue a series of beauty pageant contestants who have been captured by a mysterious villain called the Milkman. Second, the enemies you come across over the course of the game’s generous 50 levels include a bunch of hooded thugs and nuns in bikinis. Yes, it’s that sort of game. Plus there’s the fact that your team of vigilantes consists of a beekeeper, a doctor, a derby girl and a young lad armed with a slingshot. Each character can punch, kick, grapple jump and perform special moves and even when you’ve completed the game you can revisit all the levels to discover all the game’s secrets and Easter eggs. It’s a retro joy that packs a nostalgic punch.

You can download Fist Puncher here.

Hungry Shark World

This bonkers bit of underwater action sees you playing the part of a shark whose sole mission it is to eat everything he can sink its teeth into in order to level up and become king of the oceans. It’s sort of like Agar-io but with sharks and additional goodies and incentives to do well. All you need to do is swim around running into other sea creatures in order to chow down on them. Starting with little fish and crabs you can then work your way up to larger prey including swimming up to the surface to chomp birds and vacationing humans.

Not all creatures are fair game though. Some animals are too much to handle until you’ve levelled up your shark and other, venomous and spiky creatures are simply off the menu. Plus there’s the problem that unless you keep ingesting a steady stream of food you will starve and die. As you progress you can unlock accessories like headphones and jewellery (jewellery for sharks? Weird) new areas and ever larger and more ferocious shark species. Despite some fiddly controls it’s an absorbing game, it looks great, it’s funny and there are loads of little reasons to keep coming back for more.

You can download Hungry Shark World here.

Plumber Crack

Who among us can honestly say that when encountering a workman whose butt is half exposed we wouldn’t be tempted to slam dunk something unpleasant into his crack? Well, here’s your opportunity to do just that.

There’s no real depth – or rhyme or reason – to Plumber Crack. It’s simply a juvenile and chucklesome way to burn off a few spare minutes and add a little lighthearted fun to an otherwise dull day. There are two plumbers on offer, Norm and Betty, and a few different environments such as a kitchen, an office and a beach and with a flick of your finger you can send ice cubes, peanuts, quarters and bouncy balls into the tempting target in order to score points and gain bonuses. You are rewarded for accuracy although rolling an ice cube all the way down the back and into the crack, while less lucrative, is kind of more rewarding in terms of satisfaction. Frat boy fun.

You can download Plumber Crack here.


The clue is in the title. In Thumbzilla your thumbs become the feet of a gigantic Godzilla-like creature as you stomp and crash your way through a city destroying as many buildings, vehicles and people in your path as you possibly can.  

You have three moves: walk, stomp and kick. Tap your thumbs on the screen and a pair of huge lizard feet will lay waste to the scenery. Occasionally you will unearth a mystery bonus that turns your feet into ballet shoes or a pair of soccer shoes that you can then use to kick a ball around causing additional destruction. Eventually your reign of terror comes to an end at which point you can go again in an attempt to do better than you did the last time. Destruction on this scale is always going to be fun and the trammelling of tenements, tanks and taxi cabs is admittedly enjoyable.

You can download Thumbzilla here.

Hopeless: The Dark Cave

This one is both amusing and terrifying in equal measure. You are a cute little blob, armed with a gun, who is seemingly trapped, immobile, in a spotlight and surrounded by darkness. Occasionally monsters will emerge from the gloom and attack you from a random angle and you have to tap on them to shoot them dead. Be careful though, because the creature approaching will sometimes be another friendly blob who joins you in your fight. In essence, it’s a reaction test, but the cute and collectible nature of the blobs, your claustrophobic situation and the cartoonishly horrific assailants all combine to create something that is more than the sum of its parts.

You can download Hopeless: The Dark Cave here.

What’s on your list?

Share your favorite delightfully deranged games with us in the comments!

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