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99 Rockets is another contestant in the highly competitive genre of “one-click” games. Somehow, these simple games are some of the most frustrating and addictive out there. In 99 Rockets the goal is to shoot targets with rockets. Sounds simple enough, right? Here’s where things get interesting. You only have 99 rockets to destroy 99 targets.

The goal is to destroy all 99 targets, but since you only have 99 rockets, you can’t afford a single miss. One miss and you have to start all over again. To make matters worse, this isn’t a simple “aim and shoot” game. The rockets are flying on constant loops. Aiming the rocket requires perfect timing. A little bit too early or too late and you’ll miss.

Your score is the number of targets you’ve destroyed. My high score is only 9, which shows how difficult the game can be. There is one thing that can make it easier. You can save your progress by watching an ad or removing all ads with an in-app purchase of $1.26. But that’s only if you’re up for the challenge.

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99 Rockets is a well designed and deceivingly simple game. There’s no room for error, and since the rockets fly in loops, it’s very hard to aim. 99 Rockets is one of those games that moves a little slower than you’d like. This makes every missed shot even more frustrating because you have to wait through slow animations before you can play again. For a free game, 99 Rockets has a ton of replay-ability, and the in-app purchase is not necessary. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: 99 Rockets – Google Play

  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 3.7/5
  • Installs: 100,000 – 500,000

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