Google Camera could soon support RAW photos, but only on certain devices


Google Camera was updated recently, and while there didn’t seem to be any major changes on the surface, its code was hiding a major feature that could be in the works. Google is working on RAW support.

If you don’t know, RAW is a photo format that retains 100% of the color information recorded by a camera sensor and doesn’t do anything to alter the result. You can read more about it here.

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The details about RAW support in Google Camera aren’t fully known just yet, but the code hints at some limitations that may come with the feature. For instance, it appears Google won’t allow users to shoot in RAW-only mode, and will instead opt to pair each RAW photo with a JPEG equivalent. This is likely to cut down on confusion as JPEG is the widely-accepted standard for web usage and will give people more flexibility in how to handle their photos.

The feature might also be available for a limited amount of devices, with the code hinting that only Nexus devices will be able to use it, and even then only certain Nexus devices, such as those which support HDR+ photos (Nexus 5 and higher). The limitation is likely necessary due to a combination of technological availability and the need to support a multitude of third-party camera sensors. It’d be hard for them to support the Huawei P9’s dual lens if they don’t have full access to its drivers, for instance.

That said, it’s nice to know that those who opt for Nexus devices are going to be getting more options when it comes to shooting preferences. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know when to expect this update, but if code for the feature is beginning to form inside the app then it shouldn’t be very long.

[via Android Police]

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