Samsung introduces a 256GB microSD card that can handle 4K video recording


Samsung today introduced a new capacity for their EVO line of microSD cards. We’re being taken all the way up to 256GB, which is a mark unseen in this industry so far. You might have seen those untrustworthy “256GB” microSD cards on eBay for less than $10, but those are fake cards which use tricks to show 256GB in whichever device they’re inserted in. They’re probably also likely as slow as dirt.

But Samsung has the real deal here. It offers 95 megabytes per second of read speed and 90 megabytes per second for writing, making it the perfect card for recording 4K HD video. While some folks might be watering at the mouth at the thought of this thing in their phones (which is totally supported in most modern devices), Samsung’s likely aiming this card at the crowd which wants to record 360-degree video on the Samsung Gear 360.

As such, its price tag will force you to make a big commitment: $250 for 256GB worth of 4K video (some 360-degrees, some not) that can be recorded continuously and without any issues. And if you’re worried about paying that much for a fragile little chip that has a chance to fail, Samsung is backing it up with a 10-year limited warranty in over 50 countries, including USA, Europe and China. The chip will be available this June.

[via Samsung]

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