Hulu CEO confirms the company is vying to become your answer for live television


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Earlier this week, a report surfaced from The Wall Street Journal detailing Hulu’s attempt to provide streaming live television, joining the ranks of PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. Hulu’s CEO has reached out to The Verge and confirmed the reports to be true but failed to give any other information about the upcoming service.

The report from the WSJ claimed the service would start at $40 per month and would include cable programming from the likes of ABC, Disney and ESPN. Starting in 2017, the streaming service will give users the ability to stream “live programming from broadcast and cable brands including live sports, news and events,” according to Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins.

The CEO also made sure that everyone would be kept in the loop as more details would be announced throughout 2016, leading up to the official release in early 2017.

As someone who is a cable-cutter, I love seeing all of these different options arise and vie for the rights of my television services. Which of these services are you currently using, or if you haven’t cut the cables yet, what would it take to push you over the edge? Drop us a line below and let us know your thoughts.

[via The Verge]


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