T-Mobile celebrates Star Wars Day with a Chrome extension that transforms AT&T into the Evil Empire


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It’s no secret that T-Mobile — as the current underdog in US telecoms — has a bitter distaste for AT&T and Verizon. More than just simple rivalry or competitive spirit, T-Mobile has made a full campaign out of sticking it to the big guys and if the company’s Q1 numbers are indication, it appears to be working well for them.

Today, in celebration of Star Wars Day, T-Mobile is taking the opportunity to poke fun at their competition once again, branding AT&T as the “Evil Empire.” Apparently John Legere feels like AT&T’s logo looks like a Death Star (an image we’ve, admittedly, used in the past) and has taken up the role of the Rebel Alliance.

Tmobile The DeATTh Star screenshot

To help spread the word about AT&T and what T-Mobile believes are “evil” business practices, they’ve thrown together a Chrome extension that transforms the word “AT&T” on any website to “The DeATTh Star.” If you’re not familiar with installing Chrome extensions, T-Mobile is more than willing to walk you through it with these directions:

  1. Point your Chrome desktop browser at this simple, safe extension on Google Play and click “Add to Chrome.” (Note: Extensions are safe little enhancements for Chrome on the desktop, available through Google Play from all kinds of companies. You can always uninstall an extension by clicking the Chrome menu bar > Settings > Extensions anytime you want.)
  2. Then click over to any web page with the word ‘AT&T’ in it … and you’ll reveal the real AT&T.
  3. Take a screengrab and share on social with #DeATThStar to tell the world you’ve joined the Un-carrier rebellion!

While you wont actually get anything for participating in T-Mobile’s latest social media ploy, Legere did say he’s considering giving away some free stuff for those who participate. We have to admit, it’s actually quite clever. You can check out the Chrome extension for yourself by visiting the link down below.

Download on the Chrome Web Store: The DeATTh Star

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