Hulu wants to become your answer for live television



With cord-cutters popping out of the wood-works to avoid paying the outrageous prices placed upon them by “traditional” providers, more and more services are becoming available to bring more options to the masses. We’ve seen PlayStation do it with the Vue services, and the latest of these companies is Hulu, who already provides a popular streaming service for various TV shows that you’ve missed.

The report from The Wall Street Journal states that the launch will be in early 2017, and will cost about $40 a month, which would be a bit more expensive than what’s available through PlayStation Vue (starting at $30/month) and Sling TV ($20/month). Something that would put Hulu above the rest is the fact that it’s owned by 20th Century Fox and Disney so the channels associated through them, such as ABC and FOX, would more than likely be available from the jump.

With over 10 million subscribers, Hulu definitely has the base to launch a service such as this and it would be more than welcome to have access to live-TV as well as recorded shows. According to the report, the talks are in their infancy, but as we get closer to the start of 2017 we’re sure to hear more information about this upcoming service.


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