7 new Xperia X videos highlight the best features from Sony’s upcoming lineup


Back at Mobile World Congress, Sony showed off the three newest devices to hit its Xperia lineup: the Sony Xperia X, Sony Xperia XA, Sony Xperia Performance. With the devices ready to roll out across the globe, Sony has taken to YouTube to show off the glitz and glamour the three devices offer. While some of the videos will make it to your television in the form of an official commercial, others are simply showing off Sony’s favorite features where the videos will likely remain on YouTube.

The devices haven’t officially launched yet, but have been opened up for pre-order across Europe where they’ll be hitting the hands of consumers by the end of July. Sony isn’t making much of a splash with these devices in the US, so there hasn’t been anything mentioned about when or if we’ll see these devices land stateside.

The first video will more than likely be the televisions ad spot seen around the world, so Sony decided to give everyone a little glimpse of the Xperia XA before the commercial officially hits the airwaves. Take a look:


Battery life is a huge pain-point for any smartphones nowadays, so when a company gets a chance to highlight their improvements, they jump on the chance. This would help explain why Sony created two videos to describe just how great the Sony Xperia X battery is expected to be:



Sony takes a lot of pride in the design of their devices, so it only makes sense that the company would take the time to discuss this for the Xperia X, Xperia XA and X Performance with these videos:




Camera is arguably the most important feature when it comes to choosing a new smartphone. This video describes the various camera features that can be found within the Xperia X’s camera app:


Again, since these devices aren’t available just yet, Sony’s taking their time to get everyone hyped for their respective launch dates. If you’re also waiting (im)patiently for Sony’s new Xperia X line, be sure to check out Phandroid’s hands-on coverage of the Sony Xperia X from Mobile World Congress 2016.

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