Samsung could be using USB Type-C for the Galaxy Note 6


Samsung notably passed on using USB Type-C for their 2016 phones’ data and charging needs. As exciting as the standard is, it hasn’t quite matured as nicely as we would have liked, with many cable manufacturers neglecting to follow the USB Type-C spec to the fullest degree (something which could cause major device damage down the line).

But that could be changing for the 2nd half of the year. SamMobile reports that the company has opted to go forward with USB Type-C in the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. It’s not yet known if the company will go with the old USB Type-C 3.0 standard or the much-improved 3.1 variant which makes way for faster charging, data sync and the ability to use it as a display port.

Note 5

The introduction of USB Type-C could also hint toward an updated Samsung Gear VR headset. As you may know, the current model has an integrated microUSB port which is used to let its buttons control the phone. Putting USB Type-C into the Galaxy Note 6 could require a new headset if they want to make it VR-compatible.

In a way, we’re not surprised that they’ve waited for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to try this as they always use the annual phablet launch to introduce new ideas or stretch the bar on specs. Rumors continue to suggest Samsung will also be using 6GB of RAM in the Galaxy Note 6. If true, it would be the first of their smartphones to ever pack such a potent punch.

As they were with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung is said to be pushing their launch schedule for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 ahead by a month, so we could see the device land in our laps as soon as the end of summer. Be sure to stay tuned for more leaks and rumors as we inch toward that season.


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