Samsung Gear VR is making it possible for parents to share a bedtime story with their kids while away from home


Reading your child a bedtime story from a traditional book might soon become obsolete. Okay, probably not. But Samsung is hoping to tug on the heart strings of parents, showing off a new benefit the Gear VR can bring to mom and dads who are frequently away from home.

It’s called Bedtime VR Stories and as the name suggests, the feature makes it possible for frequent travelers to still read their children a bedtime story, even when they’re in another time zone. The feature would actually require 2 Gear VR headsets and 2 Galaxy devices to make this possible, allowing both parties to share a story together in real-time.

Parents would actually appear in the story itself, represented by a floating fuzzy blockhead and can speak to their child as if they were right there in the virtual bed next to them. It also seems like kids will be able to decorate their Gear VR using different cardboard cutouts (we’re guessing Samsung will provide DIY instructions when the feature goes live).

Samsung’s Gear VR team is always looking for new ways to market the product because VR is about more than just gaming. We mentioned this in our post from earlier today, but VR is about the experience and sometimes those experiences are best when shared with others.

No exact details on when we’ll see this feature launch, but parents interested can sign up via the link down below for more info. To see how Bedtime VR Stories will work, Samsung provided a video demo which you can watch down below.


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