Did the 3rd Gen Moto E with a 5-inch display just show up at Zauba?


A Motorola phone going by the codename “Affinity” has just found its way to Zauba, the import database in India that leaks like a sieve. The listing shows a phone with a 5-inch display and a wholesale price tag equivalent to around $78.

It’s possible this could be the forthcoming 3rd Gen Moto E. There’s nothing that tips us off to that in the listing itself, but as the Moto E is slotted below the Moto G in terms of price we can’t imagine it’s anything but.

That’s just speculation, though. The truth is, a thinly-described import listing doesn’t tell us nearly enough to make any sudden declarations, but it’s nice to know the gears at Motorola are beginning to move a bit faster. We’re said to be hearing the first of the company’s 2016 plans starting June 9th.

[via GSMArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
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