Microsoft and Google decide to stop fighting in courtrooms


Microsoft and Google are turning into the best of bros, it seems. The two companies have agreed to withdraw withstanding regulatory complaints against each other. While they didn’t give any detailed reasoning for their actions, it’s a sign that the two companies are enjoying each others’ company a lot more these days.

The deal will apply on a global basis, and it’s said there were no product commitments (such as licensing or cross-platform marketing agreements) to make this happen, with both sides saying they’re simply interested in working their problems out on their own instead of having to drag each other through court. They’d rather win business based on good product rather than trying to stifle the innovation of the other side.

Does this mean we’ll never see another lawsuit from one side or the other? No, not necessarily. They’ll try to work out their differences without the courts, but if those differences can’t be worked out then we imagine the lawyers will start preparing to see a judge or 2.

[via Recode]

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