Google Play Music app starts getting redesigned search bar


Some folks are starting to see a change in their Google Play Music app. It foregoes the hamburger menu + search button combo you’re used to for the new Google bar that is becoming more common in other apps.

google play music search bar

The bar is white and has the text “Google Play Music” inside. Offset to the left of the box is the hamburger menu, while the right side has buttons for voice search and Chromecast. Tapping the box presumably brings up a text box where you can start typing your search terms.

The change isn’t going to revolutionize the way you use the app, but it’s nice to see more apps going with this approach to a top-end search function. More than continuity, though, it adds that “Google feel” we love, and that’s worth a lot, too. Let us know if you’re seeing the change yourself.

[via Android Police]

Quentyn Kennemer
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