4 unique cases for the LG G5 from VRS Design [VIDEO]


The world of cases is crowded with many different designs and materials. It can be hard to navigate through all the choices and find something truly unique. In an attempt to showcase some of the best cases for the LG G5, we’ve got a few from VRS Design to show off. VRS Design (formerly Verus) has consistently shown up in our “Best Cases” lists. Here are four cases they have for the G5.

VRS Design Crystal Bumper

g5 crystal bumper

The Crystal Bumper case gets its name from the two-part design. It’s a combination of a soft TPU case and a hard polycarbonate bumper. The two materials work together to provide impact resistance and a bit of style. As clear cases go, this is one of the thicker ones I’ve used. There’s a lot of protection along the sides. You can get this case in black, silver, gold, and pink. [Buy from Amazon]

VRS Design Single Fit

g5 single fit

The Single Fit case is made from matte TPU plastic. It’s flexible without having that super grippy rubber texture that attracts dust and pocket lint. If you’ve ever used a phone with a “soft-grip” texture, you’ll love the feel of this case. The edges have a glossier texture with faux antenna lines and the volume buttons are metallic and very clicky. The case comes in black, silver, teal, red, and pink. [Buy from Amazon]

VRS Design Shine Guard

g5 shine guard

The Shine Gaurd is probably the most interesting looking case in the bunch. It looks like a two-part case, but it’s actually just one. The back is clear TPU with a geometric pattern. You can feel the ridges and different textures of the shape.s It’s a really unique feel. Around the edges is a harder plastic that looks like a bumper. You can get it in black or full transparent. [Buy from Amazon]

VRS Design High Pro Shield

g5 high pro

Last is the High Pro Shield, which is a combination of parts and textures. The bumper, which is separate from the case, is a glossy metallic plastic. The rest of the case is a more flexible TPU with a two-tone design on the back. The mid section is a faux brushed metal texture while the top and bottom are smooth. This case comes in black, silver, gold, and pink. [Buy from Amazon]

Something to note about these cases, and most of the cases I’ve seen for the G5, is that they don’t allow you to slide out the battery module without removing the case. If that’s something you’re doing a lot, these cases might be annoying. Unfortunately, I haven’t found many cases that take the modular design into account. It’s not a big deal to take off the case to swap in a battery, but just something to consider.

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