The Dlodlo V-One is a virtual reality headset the size of regular glasses


dlodlo v-one

Virtual reality is a hot topic in the tech world these days, but we’re still in the infancy of this technology. The only ways to experience VR right now are with cheap cardboard doohickies or heavy, expensive headsets. The expensive headsets are the only way to get truly immersive experiences, but no one really wants to walk around with a giant thing on their head. Unfortunately, that’s all we have to work with right now. Or is it?

A company out of China is working on a VR headset that looks almost like a typical pair of glasses. It’s called the Dlodlo V-One. The glasses weigh only 78g and are 16mm thick. On the outside, they look like a pair of sunglasses, but on the inside there is a lot going on. The V-One will run a custom build of Android based on Lollipop. A working prototype doesn’t exist right now, so we don’t really know how they will work.

dlodlo v-one 2

underneath each eye is a switch for focusing. There are two micoUSb ports for plugging in the D-Box and other accessories. The D-Box allows the V-One to use other devices. It’s not really clear if the D-Box is powering the glasses or if the glasses can operate wirelessly. The V-One will also be able to connect to a PC for even more powerful games.

Dlodlo plans to launch the device in the US later this year. It’s hard to know how well this device will work. The prototype looks pretty awesome compared to the other bulky headsets on the market, but we have a feeling it won’t work as well. What do you think?

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