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Apr 22nd, 2016

The social network and messaging apps space is extremely crowded, but that doesn’t stop new apps from popping up every day. Everyone thinks they can build a better mouse trap. One of the newest apps is actually a really old app with a new purpose. Airtime was created four years ago by Sean Parker, the guy played by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network. Today it has relaunched with a few interesting ideas.

Airtime allows you to create virtual “rooms” for you and your friends to hang out. It’s sort of like group chats on steroids. You can simply leave a message or share something from one of the dozen natively supported services. Airtime works with YouTube, Spotify, Giphy, Vevo, Soundcloud, and more. The idea is to re-create what it would be like if you were hanging out in real life.

Airtime app

You can use the front-facing camera to share your expression at any time, and video chats work with up to six people. There are many apps that help people stay in touch, but Airtime does it in a way that seems more interactive and real. The app is currently in beta for Android and iOS. Grab it from the Play Store for free.

[Medium via AP]

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