Samsung officially details Gear S2’s watch band adapters


The Samsung Gear S2’s watch band adapters will be out soon enough, folks! After making an unexpected appearance at one of Samsung’s European stores, the company today officially announced that they will be headed out to stores soon.

gear s2 band adapter

The watch band adapter makes it easy to attach any standard 20mm watch band to the Samsung Gear S2. This even includes the premium bands from the Gear S2 Classic, if you want. The adapters are easily snapped into place on each end of the Gear S2, and a familiar pin lock mechanism is used to attach your preferred band.

gear s2 band adapter 5

These adapters are a pretty big deal for folks who like to give their devices that personal touch. I personally wasn’t a fan of the standard bands that shipped with the Samsung Gear S2, and that ultimately got it crossed off my list of devices to consider despite it being a fine smartwatch otherwise. With this adapter, it finds its way back onto my list — good move, Samsung.

gear s2 band adapter 3

The adapters are currently on sale in Germany, Singapore, and South Africa, but Samsung says they will bring it to many more markets in due time. 

[via Samsung]

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