LeEco emerges as an unlikely contender in the driverless vehicle market


Alongside 3 hot new phones, LeEco today revealed a new concept for a driver-less vehicle. The company wasn’t quite as talkative about the concept, though the photo of the car they’ve dreamed up sure does catch our interest.

leeco supercar 1

The company will supposedly use advanced recognition system to drive all aspects of the vehicle, whether that’s from authorizing access to the vehicle to knowing which way to turn on your way to work. The controls inside the vehicle look quite astonishing, and the design of the thing in its entirety sure does catch our eye.

leeco supercar 2

Of course, a concept is just a concept. We’re not sure how far along LeEco is in realizing their dream, but they certainly don’t seem positioned to become the first company to hit the road. Google is already carrying out exhaustive testing with cars that have driven millions of miles, although their little wagons aren’t nearly as dreamy as the car you see above.


Larry Paige, Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin take a ride in Google’s Self-Driving Car

You also have German automobile manufacturers doing tests of their own, and with rumors of Apple eventually looking to get in on all this fun LeEco will soon find themselves in a sea of competition consisting of contenders much bigger than they are.

While we’re still too far away to see how big driverless vehicle technology will be, the fact that smaller companies like LeEco are being inspired to jump in shows just how ambitious these OEMs can be. We’re not suddenly expecting deals where you can get a free Samsung car with a purchase of their hottest smartphones, of course, but if we’re going to have any meaningful innovation in the world of vehicles then these tech companies are the perfect frontrunners to help make it happen.

As for LeEco’s concept, it sure does look nice, doesn’t it? Let’s hope it eventually spawns as an actual product instead of little more than a pipe dream.

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