The last episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne will be available April 26th


Walking Dead fans who have gotten into Michonne’s spin-off miniseries will be happy to know that they can expect the conclusion very soon. Episode 3 of 3 will launch April 26th.

Telltale’s episodic release model means you don’t get the game all at once, but it does keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for each new episode. You can buy them individually at your leisure for $5 each, or commit to getting the whole kit and kaboodle for the combined price tag — that’s $15 in the case of Michonne’s tale.

To give you something to sink your teeth into while you wait, Telltale today released their Your Choices trailer for Episode 2. These videos give you an idea of what the majority of the people who played the games chose in their path.

These games are based on having to make tough decisions and it’s always interesting to see if people decided to do something different compared to you. Check it out above.

[via Telltale]

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