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Google has done something really cool for VR fans. They teamed up with 6 artists to provide a look into art sessions done within Tilt Brush, their virtual reality sculpting and painting app for the HTC Vive.

It’s a great way to get a sense of how it is to use an app like this in VR, and even if you already have an HTC Vive with Tilt Brush it’s nice to see how a professional can get along with digital paint brushes, easels, and chisels.

tilt brush

The artists include illustrator Christoph Niemann, fashion illustrator Katie Rodgers, sculptor Andrea Blasich, installation artist Seung Yul Oh, automotive concept designer Harald Belker, and street artist duo Sheryo & Yok.

You can check out the view from any angle you want, or you can choose to view things as the artists did as they were creating their works. If you’ve got nothing better to do on a Tuesday night then this is a great way to pass some time. Park it here to immerse yourself.

[via Google]

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