DEAL: Get your hands on the Moto 360 Sport for only $233


If you’ve been meddling around waiting for a great deal on an Android Wear device, now might be the best time to jump ship. An Amazon seller has listed the Moto 360 Sport 45mm for only $233 (weird pricing selection), which is 22% off the listing price of $299.

The sale only consists of the black variant, while the White and Red versions remain at the full-retail price. Of course, all of these are available with Amazon’s Prime shipping options, meaning you can get it in just two days.

We aren’t sure how long this sale will be lasting, but there are also a few other Amazon sellers that have the Moto 360 Sport listed for well below the full-retail price.

As for how the Moto 360 Sport stacks up against the other Android Wear smartwatches on the market and whether this is a sure-fire purchase, be sure to check out Phandroid’s full review.

[via Amazon]


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