Android Pay may finally be nearing a launch for UK users


Although Google announced Android Pay at Google I/O 2015, and released the services to US consumers in September of 2015, those Android faithful in the UK have been wondering when they will be getting in on all the fun. Just last month, Google announced that Android Pay would be coming to the UK in “a few months”, with no set date, but listed the banks that would be in on the ground level.

Now, a user by the name of TheTacoSaurus, has posted a thread on Reddit of an email “conversation” that was sent to the CEO of Barclay’s after Googling for the correct email address.


There is support for ApplePay, but none for Android Pay. I understand there was an alternative BarclayCard App mentioned but this doesn’t support debit cards and only credit cards.

I don’t really want/need a credit card, and I really don’t want to change banks or phones just because of this inconvenient little issue. I honestly wouldn’t care to use a Barclays app as long as there is support for debit card NFC transactions.


Dear /u/Tacosaurus

Thank you very much for your email. We are very committed to supporting mobile payments on Apple and Android phones. We will launch soon.

Of course this appears to just be a canned response, but with Google announcing in March that Android Pay would be coming in a few months, maybe we are getting closer to an actual launch. Drop us a line below and let us know whether you’re excited for this to finally roll out to our friends in the UK.

[via Reddit]


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