Play Valve’s Counter-Strike right from your Android device


Now who said you can’t play full PC games on our mobile devices? Some mobile devices are more powerful than PC’s, so it would make sense to truly “game on the go”. It seems that we are moving in the right direction after Alibek Omarev posted a video of Counter Strike 1.6 running on an Android tablet. 

Of course, there are more than just a few bugs that are visible in the video, but that’s the full-version of Counter Strike 1.6, with on-screen controls. What makes this even more insane is that since Valve has kept the servers up and running for this version of Counter Strike, you can actually play online against others. That’s probably not recommended, especially if you hate lag and get a bit of gamer rage, but it’s still pretty awesome nonetheless.

You will need to own the full version of the game in order to get this working on your device of choice. Head over to GitHub to download the full apk and instructions to bring this masterpiece to your mobile device.

If you run into any issues, head over to the Reddit post on r/Android to contact the developer and get some help from the awesome community.


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