Google introduces 360-degree live streaming video with spatial audio on YouTube


YouTube has had 360-degree videos since last year, but the company is about to take the next step for those who like to stream it live. Google announced live streaming of 360-degree video on YouTube. The video aspect shouldn’t be much more different compared to what we’ve been enjoying on the non-live variety. You use controls on your PC or move your phone on mobile to look around you in whichever 360-degree video you’re watching.

360-degree youtube

What will be different is the audio, as Google has also announced that they’ve launched support for spatial audio on YouTube. Spatial audio helps immerse you by simulating a sense of depth and distance. It helps you feel like you’re right there.

We’d already had a spatial audio API last year, but it was only for Cardboard apps which specifically implemented it. Allowing it on YouTube will make it more accessible, and that’s always good. Want to see how it sounds? Google has put together this neat playlist to give us a mere taste of what we’ll be treated to down the line.

As for those 360-degree live streams? We’ll be keeping an eye out to see who’ll be the first one to give it a go, and so should you.

[via Google]

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