The HTC 10 won’t come with hi-res headphones in the US and Canada


Wow, these companies just don’t like North America, do they? After hearing the 64GB HTC 10 won’t be sold in the US, it’s been revealed that US and Canada won’t be getting the hi-res headphones HTC is bundling in every other package of the HTC 10.

To be clear, this goes for the unlocked model sold through direct. While there’s a chance carriers will get a bundled headset for the versions they sell, we wouldn’t even bet a peanut on it (as carriers are usually the ones making these sorts of decisions in the first place). HTC reminds folks that the headphones can be bought separately.

HTC didn’t give a solid reason why they’re snubbing North America, but we’re going to do our hardest to find out. Meanwhile, if you want to take full advantage of the 24-bit audio the HTC 10 pumps out you’ll want to start shopping for headphones of your own.

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