You can grab a brand new Pebble Time for only $90 [DEALS]


Pebble Time meh deal

With so many smartwatches varying in hardware and design, it’s not too difficult to find something out there that suits your tastes. We’ve seen some pretty great hardware from Samsung and while Android Wear devices are also great, your options become much more limited when looking for something you don’t have to plug in every night.

Meh is a daily deals site that’s offering the Pebble Time — the company’s follow up to the original Pebble — for only $90. That’s a pretty big discount from the $150 Pebble is asking for the watch on their own site and even cheaper than the lower price you’ll find on Amazon at $122. It’s only the regular plastic model with that chunky looking bezel, but it’s hard to deny that’s a great price for arguably one of the best smartwatch experiences you can get right now.

Buy on Meh: Pebble Time

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