Google discounts Nexus 6P and 5X by $50, but only for a limited time


There’s a reason the Nexus 6P is still sitting comfortably at the top of our best Android Phones list. Google and Huawei absolutely knocked it out of the park with top notch hardware and one of the best Android experiences you can get on a smartphone. All that being said, it also offers the most bang for your buck as one of the most affordably priced premium smartphones you can buy (significantly cheaper than a full-priced Galaxy S7 Edge).

Google Nexus 50 dollar off promo 6P 5X

Normally priced at $500 for the 32GB model, Google is kicking off a new deal on both the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, taking a full $50 off their normal price. That brings the phone down to $450, only 50 bucks more than what Google was asking for the Nexus 5 32GB back in the day. Pretty amazing for a phone of this caliber and US carrier support (it supports all of them). Oh yeah, the promo pricing also brings the price of the Nexus 5X down to $300 for the lowest 16GB offering. Meh.

Another neat perk of buying Nexus is that both phones can be enrolled in the Android Beta Program, where you get the opportunity to beta test Android N before it’s released to the general public later this year. Developer Preview 1 launched last month, with DP2 arriving only a few short days ago with new emoji, features, and APIs for devs. Living on the bleeding edge isn’t for everyone, but it sure is exciting.

If you want to take advantage of the offer on either phone, you officially have until May 6th (do yourself a favor, go with the 6P). Keep in mind that the discount is applied during checkout, so don’t freak if you’re not seeing it listed on the site. Oh, and make sure you check out those killer custom Nexus cases Google launched yesterday too. Buy links provided below.

Buy on the Google Store: Nexus 6P | Nexus 5X

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