Android Beta Program is now officially open for business, enroll to get Android N over-the-air


Earlier today Google blindsided the world with the availability of the Android N preview. Available starting today, Google says the move is to get the next version of Android out and bug free in time for the summer, a little earlier than its usual fall release timing.

This time around, Google is also introducing the Android Beta Program. This is different from the usual old-school method of having the flash system images to your Nexus devices. With the beta program, Android developers or enthusiasts can try out all the pre-release versions of Android N via an over-the-air update sent directly to devices. This will lead up to its final public release this summer and all you have to do is enroll. Unfortunately, the site wasn’t alive this morning, but it is now.

Simply follow the link here and you’ll be presented with a disclaimer and list of Nexus devices available for the program. Select which devices you’d like to enroll and an over-the-air update will be sent directly to your devices, allowing you to download the Android N update and apply like any other. None of your user data will be deleted, so you don’t have to worry about having to set everything up from scratch (one of the benefits over the manual flashing method). Just so that there’s no confusion, here are the full steps:

  1. Visit g.co/androidbeta
  2. Choose Nexus devices you’d like to enroll in the beta
  3. Check device for “System Update” notification
  4. Download the update (it’s about 1GB in size, so use WiFi to speed things up)
  5. Install the update
  6. Wait for Nexus to reboot
  7. Enjoy Android N!

Just keep in mind that should you ever want out of the beta, your device will be factory reset and you’ll return to the latest publicly available Marshmallow version. That’s it. The process was painfully easy for us, and so far Android N is running great on our Nexus 6P. So, what are you waiting for? Hit up the link below and happy updating!

[Android Beta Program]

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