AMC might make movie theaters specifically for texters


You’ve all been to the movies before — just before the opening credits roll, you get that fun reminder that you’re in a movie theater and that you shouldn’t be on that gizmo you call a smartphone. Don’t text in a movie theater!

A video message not enough to convince you to turn it off? Some movie theaters have ushers who will look for people on phones and ask them to shut it off.

But even that isn’t enough, and AMC CEO Adam Aron thinks it’s time to stop shunning those movie-goers. The man spoke to Variety about the need to appeal to today’s generation, a bunch who largely can’t live without their phones.

While there aren’t any specific plans for adapting to the changing society, the company man seems to have started thinking about ways to accommodate phone addicts. One of those ways is to create sections specifically for texters, or entire auditoriums specifically reserved for cell phone usage.

It’s sad. It really is. Going to a film used to be a sacred thing for many people. It was a time to connect with nothing but the bucket of popcorn in your lap, the big screen in front of you and the people around you. Now it’s about connecting to your Twitter account and letting everyone know how awesome the movie is that you’re watching.

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