Monoprice introduces new batch of affordable (and safe) USB-C cables in a variety of colors and lengths


Monoprice USB-C Palette Series 2.0

The hardest part about finding safe USB-C cables are finding some that are relatively affordable. With any new technology, manufacturers are bound to jack up the price because quite frankly, finding good quality USB-C cables that wont fry your electronic devices are hard to find.

Thankfully, Monoprice is here with a new batch of new USB-C cables that wont break the bank. They’re part of Monoprice’s affordable “Palette Series 2.0” line that features a variety of braided cord lengths, colors, and connectors. Monoprice’s previous “Select Series” was deemed safe by Benson Leung, the Googler who dedicated his free time to finding safe USB-C cables, but tragically ended with him sacrificing his $1,000 laptop in the name of science. We expect the same for the Palette series as well.

The Palette Series 2.0 starts at just $4 for Type-A to Type-C, and goes all the way up to $7 for 6 feet of Type-C to Type-C. It’s worth noting that this new Palette series only offers the USB 2.0 spec with “5 VDC, 2.4A of charging power and supports data transfer rates up to 480Mbps.” If you’re looking for the benefits of USB 3.1 with 10Gbps speeds and 100 watts of power (which is overkill for most currently available Android devices), you’ll need to check out their much more expensive Select Series here.

[Monoprice Palette Series 2.0 | All of Monoprice’s USB-C cables]

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