Facebook’s Account Kit lets users login to sites or apps using only their phone number, no Facebook account required


Facebook Account Kit

Developers have long been able to leverage the power of Facebook accounts to allow app/web users to login into their sites and services. Today, Facebook is taking things one step further with Account Kit. Announced during F8 — Facebook’s annual developer conference — Account Kit gives users the ability to log into websites using only their phone number — no Facebook account required.

It works much the same way as similar services, with users entering in their phone number, after which they’ll receive a verification code they can use to log into the app or website. Here are some of the main Account Kit features and why developers should consider implementing it:

  • Customizable user interface (UI): You can adapt the look and feel of Account Kit to match your brand. You’ll find two UI options in the Account Kit SDK: the basic UI is an easy solution with simple customization for the header, background, and button. The advanced UI gives you more customization options (see below for example).
  • Rich analytics: If you use Account Kit alongside App Events from the Facebook SDK, you can get rich, aggregated analytics to help you better understand your audience and their login preferences.
  • Facebook notification backup option: If a person chooses to sign into your app using their phone number, but doesn’t receive an SMS, but does have a Facebook account, they can choose to receive a Facebook notification to complete the login process. We built this backup option to help increase your conversion rate by making sure people have more ways to log in if needed.

Account Kit just another tool in what has been an ongoing effort to effectively kill off the password. Whether Facebook’s Account Kit makes that happen remains to be seen, but we certainly appreciate the effort. If you’re developer and would like to learn more, hit up the link down below to download the SDK for Android, iOS, or JavaScript.

[Facebook for Developers]


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