You can finally manually choose which photos to backup in Google Photos


Google Photos manual backup

I’ve long had a sort of love/hate relationship with Google Photos. Don’t get me wrong, I love what it’s trying to do (unlimited photo backup to the cloud is amazing), but it doesn’t always provide the most user friendly tools to handle things like backups. It’s definitely getting better, especially after this latest update.

In an update rolling out to the Google Photos Android app starting today, Google Photos will now give users the ability to manually select which photos on an Android device to backup to the cloud. Simply choose the photos you want to backup, then select the new “Backup now” option in the 3-dot menu and voila. Those photos are now safely tucked away in the cloud and accessible from all your devices.

So, why would anyone want to manually choose which photos to backup as opposed to going full-auto? Aside from folks who prefer to micro-manage backups, there are also those that only back up photos in their original quality which is limited by the amount of Google Drive storage available on their account. Being able to select a batch of photos to upload ensures the entire camera roll (filled with garden salads or other random photos) isn’t taking up this valuable space in the cloud.

The update — version 1.18 — is currently rolling out in the Google Play Store, so keep an eye out.

Download on Google Play: Google Photos

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