Here are some 4K video samples taken with the HTC 10’s new 12MP camera


Someone once said, “a smartphone is only as good as its camera” (or perhaps we just made that up). Earlier today, we saw HTC making a big deal about the 12MP camera coming equipped on the HTC 10, receiving high-scores on DxOMark for both photo and video quality. It certainly sounds promising and as much as we’d like to take everyone’s word for it, it’s something we just gotta see for ourselves before passing judgement.

If you curious to see the HTC 10’s 4K video recording chops, someone with the device in Taiwan was able to upload a few short clips to YouTube in both 1080p and glorious 4K quality. The videos are quick and because the shooter remains completely stationary, it doesn’t really show off how well the OIS works during video (not to mention he’s constantly panning in one of them, making it difficult to view actual details in the landscape. In either case, it’s better than nothing.

Now, not too many people own any type of hardware that can actually display 4K video content, you can at least scale it down to 1440p for watching in your smartphone’s native Quad HD resolution display. There’s also a few sample photos, but you can’t view them in their full resolution which doesn’t help much. You can check them out here.

[via KOCPC]


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Reminder: HTC 10’s warranty allows you to unlock the bootloader, just like the HTC One A9

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