LG G5’s hi-fi audio module won’t be sold in the US, Canada, Korea or Puerto Rico


Well, this is odd. You’d expect a company who’s hyping up a ton of great products to sell those products in their key markets. But that apparently isn’t the case for the LG G5 and its hi-fi audio module. It’s been revealed that LG has no current plans to sell the module in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, or even their home country of South Korea.

LG G5 and Friends

LG G5’s audio module is pictured just to the left of the earbuds. 

That much was revealed after LG pulled mentions of the hi-fi audio module from those regions’ LG websites, including from the LG Friends website. Asked for a comment, LG let out the following statement:

At this time, we don’t have an availability date set for the Hi-Fi DAC, and so don’t have timing to share. As soon as we have an update, we will follow up.

At least they left room open for hope that it’ll eventually arrive, right? Nah, rationalizing still doesn’t help us cope.

With no details to go on, any reasoning for snubbing North America and South Korea of the hi-fi audio module can only be speculated on. It’s not like LG to market something aggressively only to pretend it doesn’t exist, so it must be something that’s outside of their control, or something that might take more time to figure out.

Logistically speaking, we aren’t sure what would be so problematic about the hi-fi audio module that wouldn’t also affect availability of the LG 360 Cam, the LG Cam Plus module, or the added VR headset. Our best guess is that Bang & Olufsen — the company LG partnered with on the module — had some sort of supply issue, especially if the hi-fi module is still scheduled to be sold for other markets.

But again — speculation. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope the company eventually sorts things out to make the module available for anyone who can currently buy an LG G5.

[via Android Authority]

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