Samsung rolls out update for Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge that brings much needed touch screen improvements


As someone who owns both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I found myself opting for the Edge variant simply because of its great battery life. This didn’t last long, however, and recently I was forced to return to the regular S7 after deciding the Edge screen was more trouble than its worth. Like many others, my issue was with the curved edge display. It’s just way too damn sensitive, resulting in accidental screen presses even when I was just holding the phone normally.

samsung galaxy s7 edge-update-XXU1APD1

We’ve been hearing about a few software updates rolling out in other parts of the world that reportedly deal with screen sensitivity, with the latest — as reported by the guys at SamMobile — rolling out now in some regions as build number XXU1APD1. Weighing in at 156MB, the update reportedly improves palm rejection on the devices. This should help not only the S7 Edge with its overly sensitive edges, but on both devices when reaching across the display to select something with your thumb.

There’s also the inclusion of a new setting in the camera app called “Shape correction.” According to the description, shape correction “corrects shapes that appear distorted” although it’s not entirely clear what is meant by that. This would have more to do with the front facing camera and its wider angle lens, but it’s tough to say.

Again, the update appears to only be rolling out in some regions and depending where you live, you may have some of these improvements already (the shape correction setting for instance).

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