HTC Sense 8.0 could introduce a Freestyle UI that gives you free-form placement and control of apps and widgets


As much as we’re interested in the HTC 10’s hardware, the company could be doing some cool things with its software to make us take notice. A new leak suggests HTC will introduce something called “FreeStyle UI” with HTC Sense 8.0.

htc sense freestyle 1

The UI feature supposedly will allow you to place widgets and app shortcuts wherever you want and however you want. Instead of a strict grid pattern, you could have your Facebook Messenger icon slightly below and to the right of the full Facebook app, for instance.

FreeStyle UI will also feature stickers, which you can customize with a certain look and have it open a specific app. As the software explains it:

Stickers are like app icons. Add a sticker to your Home Screen, then choose which app it opens.

For instance, there could be a clock sticker, and you could have it open either the default clock or your favorite clock app from Google Play. That particular bit is something we’ve seen on launcher replacement and custom widget apps, but HTC is likely to make it user-friendly and approachable for all.

Beyond that, we’re not sure what else Sense 8 will introduce in terms of new features. One last thing: you’ll probably notice on-screen navigation buttons in the above screenshots when the HTC 10 is supposed to have physical buttons. That, Llabtoofer says, is because these screenshots are from a different unknown device which we’re sure to hear about at some point down the line.

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