Blackberry CEO confirms 2 mid-range Android phones for this year, and one has a full QWERTY keyboard


It’s no secret by now that Blackberry is planning to get deeper with Android after the successful launch of the PRIV. Now, the company is shedding more light on their plans for 2016.

Blackberry CEO John Chen confirmed that they have at least 2 phones launching this year, and both will be mid-range darlings. Chen seemed to confirm one phone would be a full touchscreen model, while the other would make use of a full QWERTY keyboard. The expected price range of these devices is said to be between $300 and $400.


Chen says the PRIV was a bit too high-end for the market segment they were targeting, which was enterprise. While we can’t speak to that claim, it would make sense that businesses care more about cost efficiency than having the best hardware available. Do you really need a Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM to look at a PDF file?

That said, this doesn’t rule out Blackberry will launch another high-end handset in the future, so if you were hoping for a PRIV successor then be sure to keep your fingers crossed as strongly as you can.

[via NDTV]

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