HTC only made $434 million in Q1 2016, which was a whopping 64% decline


We got the good news out of the way. Now for the bad: HTC is still leaking like a broken ship. Their Q1 2016 results were made public today, with the company pulling in $434 million in revenue.

Up against Samsung’s $42 billion that may sound like a pretty small number, but remember that HTC deals with nothing but consumer products, while Samsung has their hand in practically everything. The more sensible comparison is to look at HTC’s own history, and doing that shows the company’s sales numbers have declined by 64% over the course of one year.

Early reports suggested the HTC One A9 was performing well and could pull HTC out of the hole, but they still seem to be bleeding more money than even they can believe.

It seems like we always see this on the horizon of a big handset launch such as the upcoming HTC 10, but we’re always back to discussing the same old song and dance wondering whether this will be the champion to save HTC from a woeful death. The company claims to have the sort of smartphone that can change their luck in the HTC 10, but they’ll have to do more than generate an ungodly amount of hype to get this thing turned around.

[via DigiTimes]

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