Is the HTC One A9 a silent success? Device helps the company hit 6-month high in revenues


While the HTC One A9 is the main tool HTC will use to help line their pockets for the rest of this year and early next year, the device was never expected to help completely turn their boat around. That said, the company reportedly shows decent signs of life as their November revenue of $314 million marks a 6-month high.

DigiTimes is the source of the news, who says the affordable HTC One A9 (check out our review) was a key factor in securing sales from a multitude of markets. The jump was a 14.96% increase, but it’s noted that the improved performance is only month-to-month — the year-on-year numbers still look pretty grim with a 39% overall decline in November revenue. Overall revenues on the year are said to be at around $3.5 billion, a 33% decrease over 2014’s figures.

HTC-One-A9 (8)

There’s no telling whether HTC will be able to keep up enough momentum to slow the bleeding on the HTC One A9 alone, especially when competitors like Samsung are looking to bring their 2016 heavy hitters very early in the new year. It’ll likely take a serious flagship contender that’s priced at the new sweet spot (no more than $500 to $600) in 2016 for HTC to see any significant improvement, and we aren’t quite ready to count them out of being able to do that just yet.

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