AT&T raises Next and BYOD upgrade fees to $20


Verizon got away with adding $20 upgrade fees across the board, so why can’t AT&T? That’s probably exactly the way the company’s big wigs approached CEO Randall Stephenson with the idea, because they’ve gone and done it. AT&T’s upgrade fees for Next or customers who bring their own devices will increase to $20, up from the $15 it previously was. Those going the 2-year contract route still get a whopping $45 added to their receipt.

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And I’m not surprised. If you don’t recall, when I reported on Verizon’s move I noted that these companies look for anything and everything to justify their price gouging ways. Verizon had it rough, though — they didn’t have anyone to point to in recent times, so they just decided to dig up their competitors’ dirt.

But life for AT&T is bliss right now — they can just change it and have not a care in the world. Why? Because Verizon did it, so it’s all fair game. They didn’t use it as a perfect opportunity to win the customers over. They used it as a way to win more money from their customers’ wallet. That’s the sort of stuff that keeps T-Mobile’s name atop the customer satisfaction rankings, and keeps us ragging on AT&T and Verizon. Read about the change here if you’re not a believer.

[via Droid-Life]

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