Apr 6th, 2016

LG G5 unlocked VR bundle BH

Last month, online retailer B&H threw up a listing for the LG G5 (RS988) ahead of its April 1st launch. If you’ve been holding off on buying the phone hoping for a price drop or bundle deal, you’re in luck. B&H now has a listing for an LG G5 bundle that includes the LG 360 Cam and LG VR headset for $750. That’s about $100 more than buying the regular unlocked model by itself and when all added up, comes out to about $300 in savings.

Arguably the best part about the LG G5 are its “Friends,” compatible accessories from LG that make the phone more appealing. At least to some. We would have loved to have seen them throw in an extra battery/charging cradle, but it is what it is. The bundle is still listed as “coming soon,” with shipping set for “early May,” so you’ll be waiting a few more weeks for it to arrive.

Also, don’t forge that this unlocked LG G5 is the unlocked North American variant that supports just about every network here in the US including Sprint and Verizon (CDMA). Pre-order link provided below for all those interested.

Buy on B&H: LG G5 VR Bundle

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