Lenovo phone passes import database as “Moto X3”


Well, now, what have we here? Another Zauba entry tipping us off to another incoming phone? This time, a Lenovo device is making its way through the import database. It’s listed there as the Moto X3.

As is often the case, the listing doesn’t share many details, but we do get one nice nugget: it has a 5-inch display. That’s a typical flagship’s size, but we aren’t taking that as proof positive as this being the next device up in the Moto X line.

Another thing making us take a step back? The name doesn’t fit. There have already been 3 generations of Motorola phones, so why would they name the fourth one “Moto X3?” Perhaps someone at Motorola or Lenovo has lost count. Or perhaps it’s just a codename that means absolutely nothing.

But a phone from the duo is long overdue, and we’re expecting to hear something by the time summer rolls around. Rumors say Motorola is going to go with an all-metal build this time around, though not much else is known about their plans.

moto x 1

[via PhoneArena]

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