Is this our first sneak peek at Lenovo’s 2016 Moto phones?


Lenovo and Motorola are hard at work on the 2016 Moto phones, and thanks to a reputable leakster we may have gotten our first look at what they’ve been cooking up. The images don’t show us much, but we do get a glimpse of what appear to be the next-gen Moto X and Moto G devices.

moto x 1

Starting with the Moto X, it looks like their 2016 model will finally incorporate a metal unibody design as the devices appear metallic in the photo. We’re not sure what this might mean for Moto Maker support or if the metal models are just a pricier alternative on the phone customization platform. Other than that, we can’t notice much about the device except for that prominent Moto logo on the back, which may or may not eventually double as a fingerprint scanner.

moto g 1

Moving on, the Moto G appears to be going with a more traditional style, though that’s to be expected as it’s the affordable phone of the bunch. It looks like that phone will continue the new tradition of using colorful shells to be able to change the color of the device.

moto g 2

How are you feeling about these things? Would you welcome a radical design change for the Moto X? Do you even think these photos are legit? Give us a holler below with your thoughts!

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