Best Buy is now selling unlocked Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge without all the carrier bloat


Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Best Buy listing

When the Galaxy S7 first launched here in the US, some were upset to find that, unlike the iPhone, you couldn’t actually buy an unlocked non-carrier branded model. What’s the big deal? Well, most Android enthusiasts can agree that carrier-branded devices are the worst (and that’s putting it lightly).

Aside from loading up devices with their own carrier-specific apps and services — which can’t be uninstalled — they also make deals with other companies like Lookout or Amazon further adding to the bloat. But it’s not just bloat. Carriers also require extensive testing for software updates before pushing them out to devices on their network. This often times results in the delay of key Android updates — Marshmallow on the Galaxy S6 for instance — which has yet to rollout across all models in the US.

Unlocked Android devices — we prefer the term “liberated” — on the other hand are much different. These models receive updates directly from the manufacturer and although it’s true they come with some of their own bloat as well (Samsung likes to include Microsoft apps on their handsets), you don’t have to worry about carriers adding even more. The only downside to picking up an unlocked model is you’ll have to pay for the phones upfront, with no subsidized pricing or carrier financing options available.

If you’ve been eying the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, but really wanted to get your hands on one of these liberated models, Best Buy is now selling unlocked versions on their site. As for pricing, the regular S7 is going for $710, while the S7 Edge for $820 straight up. Both come with a warranty and according to the listing, support all bands for AT&T and T-Mobile (sorry, but there’s nothing about Sprint or Verizon compatibility).

All the colors are available and they even have a $1,080 listing for the white model that we never saw launch in the US, although it’s not yet available for purchase. Hit up the link below to see for yourself.

[Best Buy]

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