Amazon CEO says a new ‘top of the line’ Kindle will be revealed next week


When Amazon isn’t introducing new 1-click physical buying buttons for the real world, tablets, or even set top boxes, they’re making a killing with the their still popular line of affordable Kindle e-readers. The most recent is the Kindle Voyage, their 7th gen e-ink tablet that focuses on doing 1 thing really well — providing customers with an unsurpassed e-reading tablet — while keeping the price down to an affordable $200.

In a tweet this morning, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed his company’s plans for an all new 8th generation model and this time around it appears to be tackling the higher-end market. According to the tweet, the new “top of the line Kindle” is almost ready, with more details being officially announced next week. It’s unclear what Bezos means by the tweet, or how much more “top of the line” an e-reader can even get, but chances are it will be more of a refresh of the current Voyage (possibly with a new name).

amazon ceo jeff bezos top of the line kindle tweet

With the recently announced iPad Pro 9.7-inch offering big specs and an even heftier price tag, there seems to be plenty of room for dedicated — affordable — devices like Kindle line to compete for consumers’ wallets, maybe not so much in hardware but definitely when it comes to price.

In preparation of the new model being announced next week, Amazon is now taking $50 off the Kindle Voyage while Paperwhite and regular Kindle are now $30-off for Prime members, but only for a limited time.


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