Google patches 29 vulnerabilities in the latest Android security update for April


It’s a new month and with that, a new batch of Android security patches are ready to head out to devices. Starting today, you can find the factory images for most Nexus devices in the usual spot, or you can always wait until the over-the-air update arrives (which shouldn’t be much longer now).

According to Android’s Nexus Security Bulletin for this month, the most severe issue was a critical vulnerability that “could enable remote code execution on an affected device through multiple methods such as email, web browsing, and MMS when processing media files.” Doesn’t sound like fun and there are another 28 vulnerabilities listed in the bulletin, making this month’s update a fairly large one.

For more, hit up the official post down below or wait patiently with your Nexus until the update arrives.

[Nexus Security Bulletin]

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